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Get Area Code 706
phone numbers -
Northern Georgia

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In this post, we will explore the benefits of acquiring a virtual phone number and how you can get started in only 60 seconds with 24/7 expert help.

Area code 706 covers Northern Georgia which is an overlay of the 762 area code

Virtual phone lines are gaining popularity among both organisations and individuals as the world becomes more digital. With the ability to have a phone number that is not connected to a specific place, virtual phone numbers are ideal for small enterprises, remote workers, and foreign callers. In this post, we'll go over the advantages of acquiring a virtual phone number and show you how to get started with 24/7 expert help in only 60 seconds.

Why you will choose a virtual phone service instead of others methods.

You may be calculating the justification for why you should pick a business phone number or why get one. The benefits are interesting anyway the cost is unessential.

With all the advantages of a typical landline phone system at a lesser price, a virtual phone system is a cutting-edge communication tool.

You may get a dedicated phone number for your company with a virtual phone system for as little as $4.99 per month.

Having a virtual phone number is crucial for maintaining efficient communication and safeguarding your company’s reputation in the modern digital age.

The current global epidemic has brought to light the significance of taking preventative actions to safeguard your company’s future.

Having only one area code for your business may not be sufficient in the current global market to reach a larger audience.

A good way to reach more people and establish your company as a local presence in more locations than just your neighbourhood is to expand your business there. 

History of 706 area code

The 706 area code was established in 1992 to cover disconnected geographical areas. One of its sections is located in west central Georgia, around Columbus. It’s important to note that the 706 area code does not include metropolitan Atlanta, which has its own area code. 

Top cities in the 706 area code

These cities are very suited to a variety of businesses thanks to their robust business communities.

There are more than 50 counties covered by the area code 706

Getting a phone number with the 706 area code can provide your firm market control over all the areas and counties within the 706 area. This could result in an immediate rise in revenue and a wider customer base for your business. Having a phone with this area code doesn’t, however, restrict your company to merely the 706 locations. You still have the option to grow your company further.

Our highlights which will help your business in general execution

Call pausing: Now clients won’t disappear getting our calling number occupied .

Call coordinating: Direct the calls to your concerned groups which are sent in the backend. Allow them to deal with your tension.

Voice messages: continue finishing voice messages utilizing our telephone number to your clients letting them know what limits you are giving them.

We have more highlights like a 99.99% uptime assurance and day in and day out free client support.

Don’t stick to the back dated calling systems.

Although landline phones have long been a reliable means of communication, we don’t suggest giving them up completely. Yet if your company relies extensively on taking and returning consumer calls, it could be wise to look into more affordable options. Also, this is not the time to focus all of your sales in one location. It’s essential to call clients using their specific area codes to broaden your reach, which can be helped by having a virtual phone number.

It is an important decision- which service provider you will choose

Making the correct supplier choice is essential to your business’s success. While many factors will affect the success of your business, it is crucial to carefully assess the skills of the service provider you select.

For your virtual phone number requirements, it’s crucial to select a reputable service provider, and My Country Mobile comes highly recommended.

For your virtual phone number requirements, it’s crucial to select a reputable service provider, and MyCountry Mobile comes highly recommended.

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

This is really a cost saving communication method

By switching to our virtual phone system instead of a regular landline, you may save hundreds of dollars while maintaining all of the necessary features for just $4.99 per month. Don’t wait any longer to make the move and begin taking advantage of our service’s cost savings and advantages.

Our team can help you if you want to grow your company into a new market and are seeking for strategies to promote and sell your goods or services.

Businesses who wish to retain constant touch with their customers and suppliers can choose our virtual phone solution.

Keep your old number

With our virtual phone system, you have the option to keep your current landline number as a virtual number, and we offer a broad range of available numbers for you to choose from. By registering with us and selecting your preferred area code, you can expand your business by purchasing multiple virtual numbers with different area codes, enabling you to sell your products in various regions. Each virtual number and area code is available for just $4.99 per month.